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Direct Hair Implantation Surgery in Pakistan

Kay Facts You Should Know About Direct Hair Implantation

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly important and in high demand. So, constant research has been going on to improve the quality of the procedures. Therefore, many new procedures have been introduced, and Direct Hair Implantation is one of them.
Plasthetics delivers the best direct hair implantation service in Pakistan. Let us have a detailed look at this topic.

How does Direct Hair Implantation work?

The advanced hair technique known as “Direct Hair Implantation” is the latest version of the FUE hair technique. The procedure it follows is identical to FUE: removal and transplantation of hair follicles.

The procedure is carried out following these steps:

* Shaving off your head
* Local anesthesia
* Removal of hair follicles from the donor area with a pen-liked tool.
* Collection of hair follicles in the pen-like tool.
* Implantation of hair strands to the required areas on the scalp.
* Finally, bandaging the treated areas.

Pre Operative Stage

When you visit the doctor at the Plasthetics, he will give you instructions regarding preoperative care. Following the instructions will help you achieve good results.

* Stop taking supplements two weeks prior to the procedure.
* Quit smoking and drinking at least four weeks before the treatment.

Operative Stage

Direct hair implant in Lahore is nearly 6 to 8 hour-long procedure. The specific time for the procedure can be determined by considering the following points:

* Number of transplants.
* Skill and speed of the surgeon.
* Complication and vastness of the procedure.

These are the elements that decide the final duration of your procedure. However, the surgeon at Plasthetics are skilled enough to complete the procedure within 6-8 hours.

Post Operative Stage

The recovery is quick, with minimal bleeding and pain during the procedure. After the procedure, pain killers help bundles in getting rid of discomfort. The recovery period is smooth and quick after the procedure. However, minor, unnoticeable scars will remain on the scalp.
The result of this treatment is permanent. Natural hair growth begins almost six months after the procedure. Moreover, pronounced results will be visible within a year. In short, DHI stimulates hair growth and restores hair fall permanently.

Who can receive the DHI hair technique?

A good candidate for the treatment can undergo the procedure. These are a few points that make you eligible for the procedure.

  • You must have androgenic alopecia.
  • You must be above 25 years old.
  • It is good to have thick hair for DHI.
  • You must be healthy and free of illnesses like diabetes and skin infection.

DHI Hair Transplant cost

Hair transplant procedures can be painful for your pocket and are not covered by insurance companies. These companies consider hair techniques to be cosmetic surgery, therefore, they do not cover them.
The hair transplant cost varies between PKR 50,000 to PKR 5,00,000. However, the final cost depends on the following factors.

* The skill of the surgeon.
* Geographic location.
* Quality of the equipment.
* Total number of the grafts.

When you visit Plasthetics, the doctor will discuss the points and decide the final cost of your treatment.

Is Direct Hair Implantation Worth It?

The DHI technique is a valuable technique for hair restoration. It provides the patient with a natural-looking hairline. The surgery is a risk-free procedure. Also, the quick recovery makes it worth it. Moreover, once you recover from the treatment, you can resume your activities and style your hair as you like.

Difference between DHI and traditional hair transplants

The DHI transplant, FUE, and FUT procedures all involve extracting the hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the balding areas.
However, the main procedure is the same, but to execute the plan, all the procedures operate differently.
In the FUE technique, the surgeon manually removes the hair follicles from the donor area by cutting channels into the scalp. The insertion of the follicles is also done in a similar way.
On the other hand, DHI implantation uses a pen-like tool to withdraw hair follicles from the scalp. The transplantation of the follicles is also done by the equipment that cuts open the canals and implants the hair simultaneously.
Finally, the FUT method removes a strip of skin from the donor area. The hair follicles are extracted from the skin patch to be infused into the scalp.
Hence, the strip method leaves a large scar and takes more time to recover as compared to other procedures. On the contrary, DHI leaves undetected scars. This procedure is also less invasive and has a higher level of efficacy.
This modified FUE technique is a more productive procedure. However, all the other types of treatment have the potential to cure hair fall prompted by male or female pattern baldness. The hair transplants should be received by experienced surgeons to enjoy satisfactory results.

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