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Surgical Face Lifting

Facelift Surgery in Lahore

A facelift lifts the jowls back into the face, augmenting the upper face and narrowing the lower face, producing the inverted cone of youth.
Facelift or Face cosmetic surgery or Plastic surgery facelift are different names for Face Plastic surgery. Facelift surgery is for moderate to severe facial aging.
facelift surgery results are usually excellent and the facelift surgery lasts for five to ten years depending on the aging factors, and nature of the skin, and lifestyle. A non-surgical facelift usually lasts for a year or two.

Face lift Surgery cost in Pakistan?

Plasthetics Clinic will give you an affordable facelift surgery cost in Pakistan. Face Plastic Surgery in Pakistan price is variable as sometimes your Best Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ahsan Riaz will advise you some other adjunct procedures with Facelift Surgery like Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, Eyebrow lift, Fat grafting or fat injection face.

What happens during Face Lift Surgery?

Facelift Surgery in Lahore is done in either local or general anesthesia depending on patient preference and adjunct procedures. The procedure is around 2 hours procedure. There will be dressing and stitches after the procedures. You can go home the same day. You will be asked for stitch removal on day 5th after Facelift surgery.

Different Types Of Facelift Surgery

Facelift is of different types and Dr. Ahsan Riaz will tell you which one will suit you:

Traditional Facelift:Traditional Facelift is for moderate to severe wrinkles or sagging of the face. It’s the optimum treatment for the face and includes surgical correction of the deeper layers of the face and then addresses the skin laxity as well. It also lifts the cheeks. It is sometimes combined with other procedures including Liposuction of the chin, tightening of the neck muscles (platysma muscles repair in the midline), Fat injection in laugh lines or perioral lines, Eyelid surgery. This is a comprehensive procedure and results are usually great and gives you a younger and more youthful look.
MACS Facelift:MACS facelift is a shorter version of a traditional facelift. It’s suitable for those who have laxity of the face only. It’s an excellent procedure to improve the sagginess of the face and gives an excellent improvement of the jawline.

Is Facelift Safe?

* Yes it is completely safe, since it is your own fat there is no allergic or adverse reaction that can happen from the fat stem cells.
* Also, since there is no need for general anesthesia, serious risks associated with being put to sleep are eliminated.

Is Facelift Painful?

* Most of my patients report feeling mild pressure during the injection that is controlled with local anesthesia.
* For about 1-2 weeks ,some soreness remains in the areas treated but it does not require pain medications.

How Long Is The Recovery Period of Facelift?

* You will be able to resume your normal daily life immediately, limited by the degree of swelling that you experience after the procedure.
* Most patients have noticeable swelling in the areas treated from 3 to 10 days depending on the extent of the procedure and individual healing response.

How Long Will The Facelift Result Last?

* The results should last for about 5 to 10 years.
* The results are affected by your lifestyle, habits and genetics.
* Smoking and weight fluctuations diminish the results.


Face lift are safe procedures. There can be bruising and swelling but usually, subside by 7 to 10 days. Minor problems may be bleeding and hematoma, wound break down and scar thickening.

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